Over the past year or so, comics publishers have jumped onto the online bundle bandwagon with both feet, offering up deals via HumbleBundle and StoryBundle, among other outlets.

Now, Dynamite is trying a deal through yet another medium: BitTorrent. The publisher's "Mega Bundle" from BitTorrent Bundle includes 200-some issues of comics from 30 different series including Vampirella, Red SonjaBob's Burgers, Django/ZorroThe Green Hornet and Shaft, all for just $6.



Unlike Humble Bundle, there doesn't seem to be a charity component to the BitTorrent Bundle. If anything, it seems to be an effort to legitimize BitTorrent, a file-sharing tool that is often associated with piracy.

CEO and publisher of Dynamite Entertainment Nick Barucci offered this explanation for the deal:

BitTorrent is a far-reaching community, with users in every corner of the globe. They can reach new audiences in areas where comic books may not be currently available. When you combine that reach with BitTorrent's legendary super-fast downloading technology and the sheer innovation of their recent movie, TV, and music entertainment promotions, it's easy to see how the Dynamite / BitTorrent partnership is a perfect platform for expanding the comic-loving audience. And who can beat 200 comics (over 4,000 pages of story!) for a pay what you want price - with a minimum of only $6.00? It's a deal that's virtually unheard of, available for a limited time. Just imagine how many potential fans we can reach out to, and -- based on past experiences of digital initiatives like this -- a strong percentage will likely find their way to brick-and-mortar stores afterward.

In March, the graphic novel Ricky Rouse Has a Gun became the first graphic novel released through BitTorrent Bundle and last week, the BBC offered a bunch of different Doctor Who videos for $12 to celebrate the new series' 10th anniversary. The Dynamite deal is a first for an established comics publisher.

Here's everything you can get through the Dynamite deal:

  • Vampirella Masters Series - Volumes 2 and 4 [Graphic Novel]
  • Amanda Hawking's The Hollows [Graphic Novel]
  • George RR Martin's Wild Cards [Graphic Novel]
  • Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson: Moon Called - Volumes 1 and 2 [Graphic Novel]
  • Project Superpowers - Volume 1 [Graphic Novel]
  • Green Hornet - Volumes 1 and 2 [Graphic Novel]
  • Cryptozoic Man [Graphic Novel]
  • Red Sonja - Volume 2 [Graphic Novel]
  • Pathfinder [Graphic Novel]
  • Dean Koontz: Frankenstein Prodigal Son - Volume 1 [Graphic Novel]
  • Kirby Genesis [Graphic Novel]
  • Django/Zorro [Graphic Novel]
  • Twilight Zone [Graphic Novel]
  • Doodle Jump [Graphic Novel]
  • Bob's Burgers [[Graphic Novel]
  • Jim Butcher: Dresden War Cry [Graphic Novel]
  • Jungle Girl - Season 1 and 2 [Graphic Novel]
  • Robert Jordan: The Wheel of Time [Graphic Novel]
  • Mocking Dead [Graphic Novel]
  • Chaos [Graphic Novel]
  • Legendary [Graphic Novel]
  • Sherlock Holmes Trial - Volume 1 [Graphic Novel]
  • Monster War [Graphic Novel]
  • Alice Cooper [Graphic Novel]
  • Uncanny [Graphic Novel]
  • Mark Waid's Green Hornet [Graphic Novel]
  • The Warriors: Jailbreak [Graphic Novel]
  • Ex-Con [Graphic Novel]
  • Shaft [Graphic Novel]
  • Vampirella Masters Series Vol. 1: Grant Morrison and Mark MIllar [Graphic Novel]

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