A little '90s Superman style, a little manga, perhaps something... extreme?

All those art styles and and more will be showcased in Edison Rex #9 by writer Chris Roberson and artist Dennis Culver, which hits ComiXology tomorrow. Just why is the title character running through parodies of so many different styles of comic? We'll let the creators explain, along with a few preview pages after the jump!

From Culver:

The consequences of Rex’s actions from the first issue are starting to bear fruit. Put simply, Valiant had a lot of projects that are no longer being looked after now that he’s gone. Chief among them was jailing some of the more dangerous villains out there like Maul Santa last issue. The villain for this issue, ROFL, can manipulate reality and we felt the best way to do that was to pay homage to different comics styles including traditional and manga among others. We also use some tricks that are only available with digital. We’re really proud of the issue!

And from Roberson:

For me, it was just a great excuse to have Dennis work his magic in a bunch of different styles!