You may have run into artist Edward Pun's work before. He's got his own comic, Betsy Mae Bite, contributes to issues of the anthology Atomic Lead when it comes out, and showed up in Moonstone's Zombies vs. Cheerleaders #3. Basically, he's got some razor-sharp digital painting skills and totally caught us off guard recently with his Spider-Woman, ROM: Spaceknight and Ghost Rider fan art.As you can see in Pun's website's gallery and the feed on his personal blog, his subjects are all over the place -- from a Doctor Who Cyberman to Sunny from the K-pop group Girls' Generation. He's also got a fine Lion-O redesign in there with a scimitar-style version of the Sword of Omens.

Pun's range and characterizations are impressive, right down to his incredible Hulk-ish Wil Wheaton commission. Have a look at his stuff after the jump, and let us know what you think.