We've filled you in on last night's Eisner Award winners, but we'd be remiss if we didn't also report who smooched who on the ceremony's main stage. Sandman creator and longtime comic book/novel scribe Neil Gaiman and British television show host/comedian Jonathan Ross took the stage at the end of the show to present its final few awards, but between reading winner names, Ross explained his desire to try kissing his friend again after not quite getting the results he'd hoped for at the ceremony a few years back.

Gaiman didn't exactly reject Ross in 2007, who was inspired to try smooching him following Ellen Forney and Alison Bechdel's smooch celebrating the Eisners' record number of women and queer nominations. Still, Ross insisted on a rematch following a warmup with another man... who turned out to be Torchwood and Arrow star John Barrowman. Thing is, Barrowman went for Ross instead.



Gaiman didn't completely miss out on the action, though, as designer Chip Kidd brought some affection of his own to the writer while accepting the Best Publication Design award on behalf of Chris Ware for his work on Building Stories. We weren't quick enough to catch that kiss, but we did get the aftermath.


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