If you missed Emerald City Comic-Con over the weekend in Seattle, no worries -- we've still got the highlights here on CA. And while we were making our rounds on the floor, we also snapped photos of the entertaining things and people we found, including Jeff Parker, Ben Templesmith, Steve Lieber, Kate Beaton, and the world's gayest He-Man animation cel. Check out the full gallery after the jump!

Jeff Parker plays with the Agents of Atlas Heroclix, while Rich Ellis looks on.

Aaron Colter of Dark Horse shoots a Star Wars cosplayer for the DH "We Love Comics" campaign.

Kate Beaton of "Hark! A Vagrant" shows off her new fat pony toys.

Ben Templesmith and Ben McCool sign their new comic, "Choker," for one of the longest lines at the convention.

Colleen Coover sells a gorgeous sketch of Wonder Woman at her booth.

Colleen Coover draws Stargirl:

"Whiteout" artist Steve Lieber displays a helpful FAQ about the movie at his booth.

Erika Moen takes preorders for the second (and final) volume of her webcomic "DAR," and sells prints of the intensely hot (and NSFW) squid photos she modeled for.

Aaron Diaz ("Dresden Codak") sketched commissions of any dinosaur requested by fans.

A He-Man animation cel, on sale at a booth. Amazingly gay, even for He-Man.

Not the Top Shelf you're thinking of.

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