Spanning three floors of the Seattle's Washington State Convention Center, this past weekend's Emerald City Comicon 2012 was piled high with two of ComicsAlliance's favorite things: comic creators and their fans. This cross section of creators from different corners of the medium and their readers not only gave us plenty of news to report, but served up a feast for the eyes. Experience seeing the creators, cosplayers and plainclothes fans of ECCC 2012 vicariously via our photo gallery after the jump.

Bruce Timm

Dave Kellett

Anthony Clark

Alan Burnett

Alan Burnett

Francis Manapul

Tom Fowler

Chris Burnham

Matthew Dow Smith

Sam Humphries

Brandon Jerwa

Tim Sale

Matthew Southworth

Dan Slott

Emi Lenox

Jeff Parker

Brandon Graham

Joe Keatinge

Tony Moore

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