Today much of ComicsAlliance is en route to Seattle to cover Emerald City Comicon, where we'll be serving up our usual brand of coverage from the floor, from panels and, of course... from the shadows! Like all conventions, though, sometimes fans can't quite make the trip. We've got you covered for comics panel coverage, but have you seen ECCC's schedule? There's something like 200 of the things, all covering a variety of topics. That's where FlipOn comes in.If you're keen on virtually sitting in on a hearty portion of the show's biggest panels, FlipOn provides free access to live streams of those taking place in ECCC's Spotlight Lounge, Hall B and a roving camera that travels the show floor. For $15, users can get an Event Pass granting additional access to the con's biggest rooms, the Main Hall, Hall A and Hall C with live streaming set to run the full duration of programming at the three-day show. What's more, the Event Pass grants buyers permanent access to archived footage from all of the streams, meaning they'll be able to revisit material or catch up on live content that may overlap. A full schedule of included events is up at the FlipOn ECCC portal, so fans can make sure the content they're after is covered.

Also, don't be alarmed if you see some clearly unshaven bloggers wearing sunglasses indoors as early as 10 a.m. on the feed here and there. That's... just how things get done some days.