Emi Lenox mines her real life for material in her autobiographical comic EmiTown, but she's been known to take commissions and recreationally draw other people's characters as well. As it turns out, her manga-flavored style that falls somewhere between Bryan Lee O'Malley and a Hayaho Miyazaki film looks really smooth when she's working on Storm, Supergirl or a huddle of Chrono Trigger characters.
Lenox posts art of all types on her personal Tumblr account. It's loaded with playful X-Men pieces and iconic video game heroes like Frog hanging out with the Masamune.

Lenox says she'll be hanging out at Comic-Con International in San Diego this week, too, so if you like stuff enough, you should hunt her down there in Artists Alley to see if you can grab a commission of your own. Who knows? If you make a strong enough impression, you may wind up inspiring a future installment of EmiTown.

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