I don't stumble across nearly enough webcomic fanart by a single artist in my journeys across the Internet. Certainly, webcartoonists will occasionally post the individual pieces of fanart they receive from fans (and deviantART has a nice catalog of art organized by webcomic), but there's something especially exciting about seeing a single artist interpret a variety of different webcomic characters. Fortunately, Emily Partridge is just such an artist, illustrating characters from some of her favorite comics in between majestic illustrations of real and mythical beasts, and colorful sketches of Pokémon.
Partridge draws her own webcomic, the illustrated diary Mount Pleasant Comics. Between her comics and her illustrations, Partridge shows off a fantastic stylistic range. When drawing herself or someone else's humanoid characters (such as Questionable Content's cranky Faye or Homestuck's Trollians Terezi Pyrope and Vriska Serket), she maintains an expressive cartooniness. And she perfectly captures the malevolence of Gunshow's Wolf God and Wolf Devil. When she turns her illustrative attentions toward creatures, on the other hand, her style transforms, emphasizing the nobility of animals real and imaginary. She also recently completed a month-long series of daily Pokémon illustrations, finding their energy even as she stuck close to the original designs.

You can follow Partridge through her diary webcomic as well as her Tumblr. Also, as the "gimme money" Bulbasaur indicates, she does sometimes take commissions.

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