What if Shonen Jump starred wolves instead of humans? And what if the manga serial were made principally by a group younger, imaginative and wildly expressive cartoonists from all over the place doing personal rather than more commercial stories? The answer to that question can already be seen at the Wolfen Jump online anthology, but provided helmer Rory Morris can raise the group's goal of $8,000 in the next 25 days, fans could also consume wolf comics aplenty in print.

Though numerous artists continue to contribute to the evolving Wolfen Jump website, the Indiegogo-funded potential first print edition narrows the list down to 24 names including Morris, Sean Poppe, Weja, Sloane Leong, Michelle Yague, Beetle Birdley, Jen Lee, Emily Partridge, Toril, Caitlin Rose Boyle, Greg, Daniel Bressette, Kat Verhoven, Anatola Howard, Irene Koh, Nero O'Reilly, Ian Jay, Lauren Zukauskas, Meghan Lands, Mallory Hodgkin, Deanna Poppe, Sera Stanton and Kris Mukai.

The plan is to print a limited run of 500 full-color copies of the book and ship it out to backers by April, with compensation provided for all of the artists involved. Morris, Leong and Lee are editing the print edition, with Rigged Books publishing.

At the $5 perk level, backers get a 5-pack of Wolfen Jump buttons featuring the art of Jen Lee. At $20, backers get the book. There are other perk options including a t-shirt by Leong for $25 and more expensive perks that offer combinations of the smaller perks, plus things like original sketches and even finished art.

So far the campaign has raised nearly $3,000 of its $8,000 goal, with more than three weeks left to pursue the remainder of the funds. Unlike Kickstarter, which works off the "all or nothing" funding model, this campaign works under Indiegogo's "Flexible Funding" mode, which lets the campaign keep and use whatever amount it amasses during its contained time limit. At this rate, though, it doesn't seem like that'll be an issue for backers.

Wolfen Jump Cover
Wolfen Jump Buttons
Leong Wolfen Jump shirt


[Via Indiegogo]

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