While it is sadly true that the artisan fundraising website Kickstarter is completing its cool/creative/indie/activist phase and settling into the spammy, noisy section of digital life that's also home to ceaseless Facebook event invitations, there are still legitimately worthy projects to be found on Kickstarter. Among the ones we've seen fit to promote include Tony Harris' graphic novel Roundeye for Love; Christopher Salmon's animated short film, The Price, based on the story by Neil Gaiman; and Detroit's RoboCop statue.

Add to that list ENCOR[e], a prestigious coffee table art book featuring the work of Eric Canete. The artist of such works as Dr. Horrible, The End League, Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin, New Avengers: Luke Cage and The Creeper story from DC's Wednesday Comics collection, Canete's ENCOR[e] will contain over 250 images from his career in comics, film and animation, and he's asking for your help to get it made.

If you're unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a website where artists, activists and other creative types can solicit donations from fans and other backers to see a project through to completion. Everything from films to books to gallery exhibitions to tours have been funded via Kickstarter, and backers typically receive special gifts corresponding to various levels of contributions.

Those who donate as little as $1.00 to Eric Canete's ENCOR[e] project will receive an acknowledgement in the book itself; a $10 donation gets you a limited edition print created specifically for this endeavor; $50 gets you a signed copy of the book along with said print; $100 gets you all those prizes but also an original inked head sketch; $200 gets you all of that plus 9x12 piece of original artwork; and so on. The ultimate prize is for contributors who pledge $2,500 or more, for they will receive not just a signed edition of the book and the limited edition print, but an original 16x20 watercolor painting of a character you request.

Eric Canete's work is certainly among the most interesting in comics at the moment, and given the incredibly high production values of his last art book, PREMIER[e], we think his ENCOR[e] project is well worth your consideration. Visit the project's Kickstarter page for more information, and Canete's blog for a blitz of his beautifully kinetic art.

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