Eric Merced's sketch card commissions come in runs even more limited than a gold foil Wolverine Marvel Masterpiece, and he doesn't confine his subjects to just one publisher's characters. The illustrator and artist behind the comic book "Dog Saint" takes requests and churns out card art featuring faces from Spider-Ham and Tank Girl to Lobo and Lone Wolf and Cub.

Merced blogs his latest creations over on his Posterous account. There, he's exhibited new experiments including Atom Eve from "Invincible," E.T. and Multiple Man. He keeps artwork light, with cherubic faces straight out of a Chris Giarusso comic or aChristopher Uminga portrait.

His works have also been catalogued over on his deviantART account, in case gallery browsing happens to be more your style. Best of all, you won't even need to pay Merced up front for the privilege of looking at his sketch cards. If you do decide to add a commission to his portfolio, however, he has rates and procedures posted on both sites.

Check out some of his latest art below:

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