Eric Powell, creator of The Goon, is looking for your help to ensure the creation of a Goon movie, which he describes as "a NEW KIND of animated film... one that's LOUD, VIOLENT and OFFENSIVE TO YOUR GRANDMA." Really, with that description, how could you resist?Powell has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funding necessary to create a full-length story reel for the movie version of his famous comic, which he's creating with producer David Fincher, Blur Studio and Dark Horse Entertainment. "All the work you've seen [so far] (animation footage, trailers, artwork, etc.) has been produced independently and out-of-pocket by the creative team of David Fincher, Eric Powell, Blur Studio and Dark Horse Entertainment," the Kickstarter explains. "We created 'proof of concept' footage to show Hollywood the incredible potential of a Goon movie. It was very well received BUT because this movie isn't a sequel or filled with dancing animals we'll need more to bust open the gates and UNLEASH Goon and Franky on Hollywood. And by the freakishly barbarian strength of Aunt Kizzie, we'll find a way to succeed!"

The campaign is seeking $400,000 to fund a story reel - essentially an animated storyboard, with music and sound effects, as well as vocal performances from Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti - that will convince Hollywood of the potential of a finished Goon motion picture. "We all know the Goon's incredible story, the over-the-top action, hilarious comedy and genuine heart," the Kickstarter page says, "but now it's time for Hollywood to experience it as well."

Those pledging more than $25 get access to an exclusive behind-the-scenes blog of the process of creating the movie, while higher pledges offer signed posters, copies of the original movie pitch, or even a limited edition bronze sculpture of the Goon himself (it "makes for a great BLUDGEONING WEAPON!!!" apparently). The campaign runs until November 11.

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