It takes one level of talent pull off eye-popping sketches with characters that everyone's seen a thousand times before, but Evan Bryce has an uncanny mastery of lines, colors and form and tends to blur them together in some pretty spectacular compositions. He's shown up before as a participant at Project Rooftop, in his comic President Awesome with Dean Trippe and in Image's PopGun anthology series.

He's got some killer Daredevil, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batgirl artwork over on his ArtGANTUAN blog, and he makes Batman and Robin look as good as they ever have in pink. There's also some rad Ghostbusters artwork in there that would make a fine cover if a publisher ever needs one.

All this, and the guy can do a mean Batman Beyond in watercolors. Feast your eyes and check out our favorite highlights from his posts below.