Maybe we're just spoiled by our observations of past bento box amazingness, but there's something about the new NERV bento box that has us saying, "Neon Genesis Evangelion" bento box? More like "Neon Genesis EvBLANDgelion" bento box!

Sure, the NERV-themed box is branded as a kind of "ration" for members of the extra-dimensional fighting organization, which may have something to do with its simplistic nature, but for $15 I don't think I'm alone when I say fans deserve to see an angry monster robot rendered in vegetables, soy and sea creatures.

As Sankaku Complex points out, the quality plastic lunchbox (complete with several pairs of chopsticks) may look nice, but its rice and sea bream contents seem like a missed opportunity. This rings especially true when compared to fan-made works of lunch art (which don't seem to contain any actual penguin).Animate's relatively lackluster offering isn't worth getting too worked up over since its currently only available in Japan, but hopefully someday fans will be able to spring for an EVA lunch with a little more punch.

[Via Kotaku]