Gaming: A familiar face will be returning for The Walking Dead, Season 2 from Telltale Games. But what does it mean for Clementine? [Arcade Sushi]


Iron Man and Hulk Heroes United Minimates

Toys: Fans who pick up the CG animated Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United movie can send away for three exclusive Marvel Minimates. [Marvel]


Karaoke: If you enjoy crooning Neon Genesis Evangelion's "A Cruel Angel's Thesis," theme, you're not alone. It's been the top anime Karaoke jam in Japan for years. [Crunchyroll]


Hot Toys Dynamic Figure Stand

Toys: Hot Toys has announced its official flexible 1/6 scale figure-specific Dynamic Figure Stand that "features a velvet covered base and includes a double sided patterned paper cover for your choice of scenario." [HT]


asm2 banner
Jeser Piedra, Twitter

Movies: New posters tease the Rhino's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 look, and also point to a new Goblin. [ScreenCrush]


Power Lords Store Horseman

Toys: The latest Power Lords figures are now available from The Four Horsemen. [Store Horsemen]

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