I'm a pretty big fan of Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness --- mainly because they hit the sweet spot of ridiculous comedy and goofball action, while the original Evil Dead is exactly scary enough to give me nightmares --- but there's something that I've noticed when it comes to comic book continuations of the series. The past few years have seen a couple dozen four-color sequels to Army of Darkness, but there's not a whole lot picking up on the threads left over from Evil Dead 2.

"But wait," you might be saying, "Army of Darkness is the direct sequel to Evil Dead 2." And that's true, assuming that you're following Ash. If, however, you decide to follow poor, doomed Annie Knowby as she's dragged off to another dimension by deadites, then there's a whole new story to tell. And if that's what you're looking for, Space Goat Productions has a comic you might be interested in.

Written by Frank Hannah with art by Oscar Bazaldua, Carlos Eduardo and Chris Summers, SGP's previous Evil Dead 2 comic involved Annie and Ash fighting their way back to Earth, and turned the tables on the usual storyline by having Ash sacrifice himself to save Annie.

Now, as the team launches a new series, Dark Ones Rising, they're picking up with Annie as she tries to get back to normal by setting fire to the Necronomicon. Which, being pretty familiar with these movies, is something I'm sure will work out just fine.



If you want to catch up, the first volume of SGP's Evil Dead 2 can be found digitally at Comixology, and the new series kicks off in August.