Jeff Fowler of Evil Genius Productions has created some impressive superhero props of late, including Captain America's shield, Batman and Batgirl's cowls and more, but the artist/filmmaker's coolest accomplishment yet may be transforming current Flash writer and artist Francis Manapul into the Scarlet Speedster himself with an awesome custom Flash helmet. Fowler based the design off the hero's current New 52 look and built if from scratch, giving Manapul the perfect fit as seen in multiple photos from their respective Twitter accounts. The timeline of the mask's construction is an indicator that it was a fairly painstaking (or at least time-intensive) endeavor, meaning it probably wouldn't be wise to try and stuff this helmet into a Flash Costume Ring. Considering that this custom helmet is likely every Flash cosplayer's dream piece, however, we'll give it a break for not violating the laws of physics in the name of staying true to comic book sci-fi functionality. You can see a few more images of Manapul's custom Flash mask by Fowler after the cut.

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[Via Francis Manapul]

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