The memorable buzz generated by "The Walking Dead" in its earliest days as an Image Comics series continues to regenerate itself in advance of AMC's television adaptation. A steady succession of new footage has been unleashed upon the Web since the first trailer debuted at Comic-Con International -- including the recent "sizzle" reel starring co-creator Robert Kirkman -- sparking uncommon excitement even among those who'd never before heard of Kirkman and Tony Moore's ultra-violent zombie epic.

But of course, nobody gets hyped up like a comic book fan, as demonstrated by the very talented Daniel Kanemoto. After the jump, check out this dedicated "The Walking Dead" reader's homemade opening title sequence, which utilizes comic book illustrations by Tony Moore (who gave his approval via Twitter) and Charlie Adlard with music by eels. It's difficult to imagine the AMC version being any better.
AMC's own eventual opening title for "The Walking Dead" live action series still remains to be seen by fans, but this skillful sequence should give those hungry for its eventual October 31 debut something to chew on.

You can check out the animated sequence for yourself below:

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