Fantastic Four #1

Fantastic Four ends in January 2014 with issue 16. In related news, Fantastic Four kicks off with a brand-new No. 1 issue in February.

As has been the case in recent months, Marvel is starting the numbering anew as a fresh creative team comes on board. And according to USA Today, that team will be writer James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk.

Robinson described his plans for the book as documenting the "fall and rise" of Marvel's first family. Ben Grimm will face a murder rap, the family will be evicted from the Baxter Building, and Johnny Storm will lose his powers, among other things.

"What I hope to do is tie in their past without making it too referential and (touch on) how the past can affect the future," Robinson said. "While I'm not reinventing the book, I'm certainly adding a side to it we maybe haven't seen for a while."

USA Today's only mention of Fantastic Four's sister title, FF, is to note that Scott Lang (Ant-Man) and Darla Deering (Miss Thing) will be appearing in the new Fantastic Four title. It would appear FF is really and truly over.

Robinson teased appearances from Doctor Doom and the Frightful Four, and even said Franklin Richards' reality-altering powers will be back in some form or another.

Fantastic Four#1 arrives in stores next February, with a cover by Kirk and a variant cover by Alex Ross.


Fantastic Four 1 Alex Ross Variant

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