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High Seas Adventure With Bunn And Molina's 'X-Men: Blue'
The ResurrXion is less than a month away, and we've got a look inside the first issue of X-Men Blue, the new book about the time-displaced founding X-Men, written by Cullen Bunn with art by Jorge Molina. All the press around ResurrXion has been about taking the X-Men back to their roots as suph…
ResurrXion Resurrects Marvel Corner Boxes, After A Fashion
Maybe I'm biased as a comics fan of a certain age, but I often feel like everyone is nostalgic for corner box art on comics covers, even those who weren't necessarily buying comics when those little boxes were a staple. For the uninitiated, I'm talking about the little rectangle in th…
'All-New Wolverine' Survives ResurrXion With New Costume
Those of us who were getting panicky about the absence of Wolverine from the ResurrXion announcements can all calm down a bit now. Marvel announced today that All-New Wolverine will continue with its current numbering while the rest of the X-line relaunches.

Tom Taylor is staying on as writer, with…
'Agents of Atlas' Returns in 'Secret Wars' Tie-In
If you thought all the tie-ins to Marvel's Secret Wars event were already underway, think again. There's at least one more miniseries coming this fall, and it's a doozy, because it's none other than the return of the critically acclaimed Agents of Atlas.
Marvel's Faiza Hussain: 'Better' as Normal
Whatever Marvel is doing with Secret Wars, one established fact stands out to me: they’re bringing back British, hijabi superhero, and personal favorite, Faiza Hussain, to the printed page. My heart swells.

Faiza Hussain debuted in 2008, in Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk’s Captain Brit…
James Robinson To Write 'Fantastic Four' Relaunch
Fantastic Four ends in January 2014 with issue 16. In related news, Fantastic Four kicks off with a brand-new No. 1 issue in February.
As has been the case in recent months, Marvel is starting the numbering anew as a fresh creative team comes on board. And according to USA Today, that team …

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