Marvel's First Family have had their share of Minimate depictions over the years, but Diamond Select and Art Asylum's upcoming eighth Toys "R" Us exclusive series manages to pack a new take on the Fantastic Four and some of their most famous friends and foes.

The new wave features four 2-packs that pair Namor in his black garb with an Atlantean soldier, Mole Man with Sue Storm, Mr. Fantastic with Dr. Doom, and the Human Torch with The Thing.

New in this line are Mole Man and the Atlantean soldier (who seems to have adopted a few of the previously-released Ares' accessories), with the rest of the characters featuring new looks. This is likely Doc Doom's most dexterous model yet, with a body unencumbered by a plastic cape. The Human Torch, on the other hand, seems bolstered by his most flame-accessorized body yet.

See each boxed two-pack up close below:

[Via Marvelousnews]