We weren't allowed to shoot them at Toy Fair 2014, but Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum are finally ready to reveal their Guardians of the Galaxy movie Marvel Minimates. From the looks of things, everybody is present and accounted for except John C. Reilly.

All of the film's main characters will be paired off in the usual Minimates two-packs prior to the GotG film's August 1st release date. Assortments include: Star-Lord with Ronan the Accuser, Drax (the Destroyer) with Groot, Gamora with a generic Nova Corps Centurion, and Nebula with a Sakaaran Trooper.

All of the characters will come with their trademark weapons and accessories, meaning Star-Lord will come with his quad blasters and a mask and Drax will have a pair of gnarly knives. The "accessory" most fans will be after, though, will probably be the non-poseable Rocket Raccoon "micro-figure" that comes with the Drax/Groot twoTHREE-pack.

Individual 2-packs will cost about $9 a pop when the 2" tall figures arrive at retail, or you can order the whole line for $29.99 from sites like Entertainment Earth.

You can check out the full lineup of Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates below.


Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates


About Rocket Racoon Co-Creator Bill Mantlo

If you enjoy the Guardians of the Galaxy comic books and plan to see the movie, consider making a donation to the continued healthcare costs of disabled Rocket Raccoon co-creator Bill Mantlo, whose insurance provides only the most minimal level of care for someone with his needs. You can read more about Mr. Mantlo’s life and plight in this in-depth article by Bill Coffin.

Mantlo is just one of numerous veteran comic book creators in need. You can learn more about artists like him and their lives at the Hero Initiative, the comic book industry’s non-profit organization that offers aid to the men and women who created the industry and work which now fuels Hollywood’s biggest success.


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