Titan Comics' partnership with renowned noir publisher Hard Case Crime has opened the door for a bevy of fresh new crime comics, and among the first titles to emerge is Peepland, by Christa Faust, Gary Phillips and Andrea Camerini; a look at crime and corruption at mid-'80s Times Square peepshows. Titan has provided us with a look at the first issue, as well as the exclusive reveal of Tomm Coker's variant cover, below.

Writer Christa Faust is a former peep booth performer, and Peepland is described as a “semi-autobiographical neo-Noir mini-series with a punk edge, set in the seedy Times Square peep booths of 1980s New York City.”

Judging from the first few pages, Peepland certainly delivers on that promise, as a peepshow worker and her ex-boyfriend go on the run from pretty much everyone in New York City to try to solve the murder they've been implicated in.

Check out the preview below, as well as a first look at Tomm Coker's FOC variant cover. Despite the presence of censor bars, please note that the contents of this preview may be too racy for some workplaces!


Tomm Coker



Here's the full solicitation, and check out the book's other variant covers below:


Writers: Christa Faust, Gary Phillips
Artist: Andrea Camerini
FC - 32pp - $3.99 - On sale: October 12

Times Square, 1986: the home of New York’s red light district where strip clubs, porno theatres and petty crime prevails.

When a chance encounter for Peepbooth worker Roxy Bell leads to the brutal murder of a public access pornographer, the erotic performer and her punk rock ex-partner Nick Zero soon find themselves under fire from criminals, cops, and the city elite, as they begin to untangle a complex web of corruption leading right to city hall.

Like The Naked City, there are eight million stories in The Deuce. This is one of them.


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Ben Oliver
Alex Ronald
Dennis Calero