Old-fashioned noir is getting a rebirth in comics with the arrival next month of Triggerman, a new series from Hard Case Crime in collaboration with Titan Comics. Written by Matz and Walter Hill, with art by Jef, Triggerman tells the story of a gangland killer who's released from jail for one last job, but all he wants to do is find the woman he loved.

Everything about this comic, from the 1930s setting to the art to the dialogue, evokes the roots of the noir genre. Jef's art has a realism and a grit that's different from what we're used to in most modern comics, and it fits the focus on Depression Era crime perfectly.

I do hope that the story eventually includes women with something to do besides look pretty, even if that would subvert the traditional trappings of the genre. But that aside, if you're looking for an injection of pure, high grade noir in comics form, Triggerman is probably the book for you.


Cover B by Dennis Calero
Cover D by Robert Hack
Cover E by Francisco Paronzini
Cover C by Fay Dalton
Art by Jef
Art by Jef
Art by Jef
Art by Jef


Here's the official press release from Hard Case:

WRITER: Walter Hill, Matz
FC - 32pp - $3.99 - On sale: October 5
Locked up for a life of murder, Roy Nash never thought he’d walk the mean streets of Chicago again… let alone rescue his beloved, Lena. But when the city’s Mafia elite spring the notorious gun-for-hire to handle one last assignment, Roy once again finds himself thrown headfirst into a life of bloodshed and bullets as he sprints a breathless race to save the girl he left behind.
From legendary screenwriter and director Walter Hill (The Warriors, Red Heat, Last Man Standing) and French comics Matz, comes this hardboiled crime thriller set in the bullet-ridden streets of 1930s Chicago.