Creators Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney confirmed yesterday what some readers feared after Fearless Defenders did not show up in Marvel's January solicitations this week -- the title will be concluding with issue #12.


From Sliney's blog:

It's a sad day today as it has been announced that Fearless Defenders will be coming to an end with issue 12. It's especially sad because of the outpouring of love the book received at New York Comic Con. With so many fans telling us how they love the book.
But even with the news, I refuse to be downtrodden because I truely believe we created something that we can be proud of.
Fearless Defenders will be looked back upon in ten years as so many peoples first and favourite book. I think it opened up a world of comics to a lot of people and the proof was in how many fans told me last weekend that it was their first ever comic book.


And writer Bunn shared his thoughts on the title's cancellation via his Tumblr:

I’ll be talking more about this in the days to come, but rumor spread yesterday that FEARLESS DEFENDERS will not be returning to the shelves in January. Sadly, the rumors are true. Issue 12 will be the last for the series.

I can’t really describe how much this book… and these characters… meant to me. THE DEFENDERS have always been special for me. I just connected with the non-team and I’ve always wanted to write them. (In fact, I think it is common knowledge that one of my first Marvel minis, FEAR ITSELF: THE DEEP was originally titled FEAR ITSELF: THE DEFENDERS.) Over the past couple of years, I’ve come to love Valkyrie as more than just a really bad ass girl with a sword. And this book was the first concept I brought to Marvel… or at least the first concept I brought to them that they jumped on.

With this book, I was able to work with characters who don’t often (but should!) get the spotlight–Valkyrie, Misty Knight, Elsa Bloodstone, Dani Moonstar! All characters who mean a lot to me! I brought Clea and Hippolyta back into the Marvel Universe! And I introduced Annabelle Riggs and Ren Kimura, both characters who mean the absolute world to me! (It was such a thrill to see people cosplaying as Annabelle and the new Hippolyta and the rest of the cast. I can’t wait to see a Ren cosplayer!) Hell, I even like mean ol’ Caroline LeFay.


Both creators spoke to how much they appreciated the outpouring of support from the fans of the series, with Sliney stating that many people approached him at last weekend's New York Comic Con to say that Fearless Defenders was the first comic they'd ever purchased. Despite the tremendous outpouring of support both at conventions and on social media, sales had diminished to the point where Marvel decided to end the title's run. Though there have been several Defenders series, with various casts, since the team's first appearance in 1971, maintaining significant runs on any Defenders title in recent years has proven challenging for Marvel. The previous series, written by Matt Fraction and initially illustrated by Terry Dodson, also ended after 12 issues.

Fearless Defenders #12 arrives in stores this December.

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