Every now and then, a comic comes along with a title so great that you just have to sit there for a moment wondering why no one has used it before. This week, we got the latest entry in that canon with the announcement of Hot Damn, a new four-issue miniseries from Ryan Ferrier and Valentin Ramon, the creators of IDW's D4VE.

Set for release in April, Hot Damn is a look at the afterlife, and as you might expect from the title (and the goat with the pentagram on its head in the image above), it's not the one with the harps and fluffy clouds. Instead, a young man finds himself condemned to eternal damnation, but not the kind he's ever heard of before. Check out the exclusive reveal of the cover and more information below!


Hot Damn, IDW


We asked Ferrier to explain the big idea behind Hot Damn; here's what he had to say:

"Take everything you've been shown about the afterlife — the good, the bad — and throw it in a blender full of vodka and crystal light. This isn't the Heaven or Hell you're used to being shown, and we're deconstructing the very essence of them faster than Bob the Builder on coke in rewind.

"In Hot Damn, we're blurring every line — good and evil, faith and obsession, penance and indulgence — with one very wayward, self-destructive young man at the centre of it: Teddy Graham (yes, like the crackers). Teddy has lived fast and died young thanks to his own doings, but soon finds that his wild ride isn't over at all. In fact, it's gone even more off the rails, with no help from his demon-sponsor Costello, who can be best described as a lounge-singer-turned-goat. It isn't until everything gets turned up to 1000 that Teddy realizes who he is, what he's done, and how he's stuck with it on his conscience forever and ever. Or is he?"

Ferrier describes Hot Damn as "the ultimate redemption story," and he's thrilled to be reunited with D4VE collaborator Valentin Ramon. "We are conjoined twins sharing the same twisted brain, and I'm honestly terrified that IDW has agreed to let us out of our crates once more."

Here's the official solicitation:


Hot Damn #1 (of 4)
Ryan Ferrier (w) • Valentin Ramon (a & c)
The masterminds of D4VE reunite with HOT DAMN, and they’re taking you straight to Hell. Hard living catches up to Teddy, and eternal damnation awaits—but it’s nothing like the good book tells you. Hell is a therapy session you can never leave…
FC • 32 pages • $3.99


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