Yesterday, Fabian Rangel Jr and Javier Caba launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming original graphic novel Blood Brothers (Los Hermanos Sangre); today we learn that the comic is just the first part of a much larger plan, as a number of popular independent creators have come together to launch self-publishing imprint Two-Headed Press, or 2HP.

Rangel, Ed Brisson, Ryan Ferrier, Tini Howard, Curt Pires, and Christopher Sebela have joined forces to create what they describe as a "curated" imprint, in which the participants will each individually run Kickstarters for their projects, but support each other with “cross-promotion, endorsement and behind the scenes advising.”


Blood Brothers


In addition to Blood Brothers, the initial titles include a second volume of Ed Brisson and Adam Gorham’s The Violent, previously published by Image ComicsReality, a political drama by Pires, Alex Diotto and Dee Cuniffe; and a new title by Sebela, George Kambadis, and Lesley Atlansky, described as a “comedy/crime/cooking comic”

Blood Brothers is currently active on Kickstarter and within one day has already surpassed its goal of $6000. A preview of the graphic novel is available on 2HP's website, as well as more information about upcoming titles and the creators.

Full disclosure: The 2HP logo and several of the titles are designed by ComicsAlliance contributor Dylan Todd. Todd had no input in the writing of this article.

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