Activision and Silicon Knights have dropped the final trailer for X-Men: Destiny, giving fans their last good look at the title before it arrives in stores tomorrow. Of all the footage that's been released so far, this trailer is the most succinct, setting up the game's choice-based storyline and introducing its three playable characters while giving famous X-Men and Brotherhood members some screen time. See what you think after the cut.The trailer seems to show more cutscene footage than actual gameplay, but does show the three playable characters -- Aimi Yoshida, Grant Alexander and Adrian Luca -- using a variety of powers, which will manifest by using "X-Genes" in the game. There's also not a ton of dialogue, but it seems like Mike Carey's script has Cyclops sounding like Cyclops and Magneto sounding like Magneto so far, at least. A lot of fans have been questioning the quality of the game's graphics up to this point, and this trailer may make or break their final impression before they try playing it themselves.

See the final trailer for X-Men: Legacy below to see what your take is: