Art: Looks like Chris Sims and I are going to have to figure out how to get to California soon... Sweet Streets' Power Rangers: "20 Rangers for 20 Years" gallery of toy art will be running from December 7-8th at the Toy Art Gallery in Angel Grove Los Angeles. [Sweet Streets]


TFAW Black Friday Sale

Sales: Things From Another World is having a major Black Friday-ish progressive sale, both in Portland, OR area stores and online. [TFAW]


Chris Panda X-Ray Series
Chris Panda under John Romita Jr.

Design: Chris Panda's X-Ray series shows the skeletons inside iconic drawings of pop culture characters. [Chris Panda]



Toys: Fans of Madballs (especially its Marvel/Star comic book) and/or Oooze-Its, may be keen on Oozeballs by The Disarticulators. [ToysREvil]


Cases: You can now protect your iPhone with The Dark Knight's Tumbler... or, put another way, you can now get on Tumblr in The Dark Knight's Tumbler. [Gizmodo]


NECA action figure stands

Toys: Just in case you need help posing your NECA figures, the toymaker's got some official stands on the way. [NECA]

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