Ever since Kathy Kane made her comic book debut in the pages of DC's fill-in-the-gap year that was "52," fans have been beside themselves trying to figure out just where the heck she came from and why she'd donned the mantle of the bat.

Well, according to DC's The Source blog, today is the day for fans to read up on the new Batwoman's secret origin in the pages of "Detective Comics" #858.

Written by Greg Rucka, with art by J.H. Williams III, the issue is said to "reveal the true story behind the kidnapping of Kate Kane and her family by terrorists and how these events tragically alter Kate - and her family's life - forever."

The issue also features a backup "Question" tale (Renee Montoya and Kane kind of carry a torch for one another), plus all the eroticism fans have come to expect from the series so far.

For Chris Sims' sake, there will also hopefully be face-kicking involved throughout.

Don't let us down, Batwoman.