What if only black people had super powers? Kwanza Osajyefo and Tim Smith 3 are set to answer that question in their upcoming graphic novel, Black, with art by Molly Danger creator Jamal Igle, and covers by Khary Randolph. The creators have provided us with some exclusive storyboard art to share with ComicsAlliance readers.

Osajyefo, a former DC comics digital editor, and Smith, who worked on Iron Man and The Amazing Spider-Man comics, are the co-creators of the book, which tells the story of Kareem Jenkins, a young black man who survives being gunned down by the police only to discover that he may be superhuman --- a common trait among black people that the government conspired to hide for centuries.

Black also has some other promising characters to look forward to, including Theodore Mann, a "billionaire industrialist on a quest to lead humanity to its next stage of evolution," Juncture, "a time tested warrior driven to extremes by his dream for peace," and O, "global terrorist and America's worst nightmare."

The team has set up a Kickstarter to fund the project, and with 26 days to go, the campaign has already gained over $26,000 --- just shy of its $29,999 goal. If funded, Black will be released in six chapters for a total of 120 pages, with issue one hitting stores in mid-2016.

In a country where protestors have to yell a reminder that black lives matter, Black already seems like a refreshing take on the grim reality. Says Osajyefo:


With BLACK, we’re looking to tell a great story, but we’re also purposefully challenging the pop culture status quo, which is dominated by a White male aesthetic,” read a statement by Osajyefo in a press release. “BLACK tackles the very real and palpable issue of race, which is at the forefront in America and around the world. We are trying to confront the issue of race head-on by creating a world in which only Black people are superheroes -- and the BLACK superhero trope isn’t subtly cast under a label of mutant, inhuman, or meta-whatever. It is also both thrilling and liberating to create the superheroes we’ve always wanted to see -- and, frankly, be -- outside of the entrenched publishing system.


Get an exclusive look at a few storyboards for the upcoming series below, courtesy of Tim Smith 3:



Check out the Kickstarter campaign here. The Black creators are offering signed copies and characters made in the backer's likeness as perks.