Two months ago, Marvel Comics sent out teasers to hype up the mystery of someone or something called Mosaic, which was later confirmed as debuting in Uncanny Inhumans #11. The question of what Mosiac was all about has now been answered, as the publisher has announced it Mosaic is a brand-new character who will star in his own ongoing series by Geoffrey Thorne and Khary Randolph later this year.

Announced today via Vulture, Mosaic is a brand-new character named Morris Sackett, a cocky and handsome basketball player who discovers he is an Inhuman following exposure to the Terrigen Cloud that roams the Earth. However, instead of getting prehensile hair or a voice that could shatter mountains, Morris loses his physical form and has to jump from body to body --- completely subsuming that person’s identity --- in order to survive.

In their interview with Vulture, Thorne and Randolph discuss bringing a brand-new black lead character to Marvel, and their desire to explore the nuances and flaws that such characters are often not allowed to have. Described as an anti-hero, when Mosaic inhabits a person’s body he gains full control of everything, from their memory to their speech patterns, and while Thorne says Morris is not malevolent, he is a lot more self-obsessed than most Marvel characters.

The Mosaic ongoing series will debut in October, but prior to that the character will appear in a free ten page story by Thorne and Randolph that will be available through Barnes & Noble stores.




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