Flash producers confirmed curiously early into Season 3 that Grodd would be back for a two-part episode, with little word of the apparent Gorilla City adventure since. Now, not only do bosses reveal which episodes will take us back into Grodd’s orbit, but also what role Keith David will play in the effort.

As confirmed during the ever-fruitful TCA press tour, The Flash will spend episodes 13 and 14 of Season 3 reacquainting us with Gorilla Grodd, who was last seen deposited on another Earth to be with similarly-intelligent apes. As such, the episodes will also introduce us to fellow DC ape Solovar, voiced by Keith David, and portrayed as the leader of Gorilla City.

Most recently, Grodd voice actor David Sobolov tweeted that he’d be returning to the role in the near future:

Elsewhere, the back half of Season 3 will pick up on January 24 with “Borrowing Problems From the Future,” which will begin to address Savitar’s mysterious prophecies from winter finale “The Present.” The Flash will also take part in a two-part musical crossover with Supergirl at an undetermined point.

We’ll hear more about Grodd’s return soon, but what might require The Flash to visit Gorilla City?

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