Even as each series seemed to quietly sweep things under the rug thereafter, The CW’s four-way “Invasion!” crossover gave ample opportunity for some unexpected bonds between characters. At least some scenes understandably ended up cut for time, as with a new deleted scene of H.R. and Thea’s tense first meeting.

Yahoo got a look at one of the many scenes and concepts dropped from the three “Invasion!” episodes, specifically the Flash portion of the event with each character meeting. As you might expect, Tom Cavanagh’s H.R. wasn’t any great help in the battle against the Dominators, and Arrow’s Thea isn’t afraid to call him on it.

The actual clip itself (among others) is available with season pass options on iTunes, Amazon, and elsewhere. Other missing bits from the three-night event weren’t even fortunate enough to be filmed, including some flirtatious exchanges between Legends of Tomorrow’s Sara and Supergirl, along with additional backstory for the alien Dominators.

We’ll likely find grander purpose for The Flash’s airheaded H.R. when Season 3 returns next year, but what other crossover moments might have ended up on the cutting room floor?


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