The Flash Season 2 offered one its biggest surprises in the glorious arrival of DC supervillain King Shark, though the extensive CG made it unlikely we’d see much more than a brief cameo. Now, Arrow star David Ramsey confirms an upcoming crossover will at least partly concern King Shark, Suicide Squad origins and all.

Where previously Flash showrunner Andrew Kreisberg told us that King Shark’s limited appearance (understandably) owed to budget concerns, Arrow star David Ramsey suggested at the recent Heroes & Villains Fan Fest that the DC beast would (at least figuratively) resurface in a coming episode.



Granted, both Arrow and The Flash have somewhat shied away from DC’s Suicide Squad as Warner Bros. prepares its movie campaign, it remains to be seen how connected Diggle or Lyla might find King Shark to be. After all, the beast we saw belonged to Earth-2, and Ramsey wasn’t particularly clear when, or which figure we’d see.

Either way, The Flash and Arrow will take off next week before a December pairing in service of a Legends of Tomorrow crossover, but can we expect another King Shark appearance before long? Given all the CG flights of fancy of late, can King Shark become a regular appearance before long?


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