Five episodes in, we don’t have the strongest handle on The Flash Season 3's big bads, between the enigmatic Dr. Alchemy, and a speedster deity we’ve yet to formally mention aloud. Fortunately, producers reveal exactly when we’ll meet the dreaded “Savitar,” as well gain a look under Alchemy’s mask.

You’re warned of potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of The Flash Season 3, but if you haven’t heard about the mysterious figure that killed “The Rival,” or exactly what Dr. Alchemy has been worshiping, Season 3 will soon introduce us to “Savitar,” described by producers as “The God of Motion.” Season 3 has only two episodes between now and the four-way crossover (one of them being Kevin Smith’s “Killer Frost”) but according to Entertainment Weekly’s chat with producer Greg Berlanti, we’ll be much better acquainted with Savitar and Alchemy soon:

You’ll see the god of motion much sooner than [the midseason finale]! “People will have seen him before the crossovers,” EP Greg Berlanti reveals. “He appears in episodes 6 and 7.” But if scoop on the midseason finale is what you’re after: “You’ll find out who Alchemy is,” Berlanti says.

Indeed, Alchemy is one of many Flash and Arrow baddies in recent years to hide their identity until a crucial moment, though Season 3 hasn’t offered any real clues. In fact, the only significant unmasked addition to Season 3 has been Harry Potter star Tom Felton as Julian Albert, but he couldn’t have powers after all … could he?

We’ll find out when Flash returns with next week’s “Shade,” followed by “Killer Frost,” and then straight into the “Invasion!” crossover on November 29.


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