The Flash seemed to put aside the mystery of Jesse Quick and Wally West’s speedster futures by a Season 3 “Flashpoint” twist, but it looks like at least one of those answers could arrive this fall. Along with Tom Cavanagh, Violett Beane confirms that Jesse Quick will make a speedy return to The Flash Season 3, and whatever reality we’re now calling home.

Where previously Tom Cavanagh had squared his return as a Season 3 regular (playing which character is another question entirely), TVLine confirmed with Beane that Jesse “Quick” Wells would return for Season 3 as well, albeit without clarifying much else. After all, we don’t yet know if Barry changing the Earth-1 timeline had any impact on Earth-2, where Jesse and her father were last seen returning to (with a Flash-y new friend).

Furthermore, Season 2 finale “The Race of His Life” never quite picked up with either Jesse or Wally West’s potential powers, both having been hit with the same particle wave that granted Barry his abilities a second time, while Jesse in particular got another suspicious jolt from Barry himself. It stands to reason that Earth-1 Central City might find itself in need of another speedster (depending how closely Season 3 follows the “Flashpoint” arc of its namesake), so might Jesse return to a Quick rescue?

We’ll find out more in the next month from Comic-Con, but how might Jesse Quick return for The Flash Season 3?


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