Geoff Johns let slip a bit of good news for fans of the Flash family during this afternoon's DC Nation Special Edition panel. After a fan asked about Bart Allen, Johns asked Dan DiDio if he could spill the beans. Eventually, after a bit of back and forth, Johns just went ahead and took the leap: "Flash: Speed Force" is coming.

Next year, a second ongoing series will debut called "Flash: Speed Force;" This series will feature currently absent Flash-related heroes like Wally West, Bart Allen, Jesse Quick, and XS, Bart Allen's cousin and Barry Allen's granddaughter from the future. There were no other details revealed on the panel, other than the fact that Johns is impatient to get to it, as is apropos of a writer for "The Flash;"
No art was available as of press time, but its possible a Flash family book could look something like Ethan Van Sciver's splash page from "Flash: Rebirth."

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