For those of you who haven't been checking in with the DC Universe blog this week, they have been all about Flashpoint, the upcoming event from Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert that sees a world where the world's greatest heroes never actually became the world's greatest heroes.

Instead, their fates have been hinted at in promos offering cryptic, vaguely sinister lines about just what happened to the characters:

I'm not going to lie: That's a pretty great marketing gimmick, if only because it's exactly the sort of thing where you can't look at it without trying to figure out just who they're talking about. But for me, it just doesn't go far enough.

After all, there are only five of these promos floating around, and that barely even scratches the surface of much would be changed in a world with no super-heroes. So today, I've taken it upon myself to imagine a few other Flashpoint promos that didn't make the official cut to see just what those characters would be like without their defining moments.

Jimmy Olsen

Lex Luthor

Booster Gold

Robin (Any Robin. All the Robins)

Wonder Woman

The Legion of Super-Heroes

Orion of the New Gods