It is with the greatest pleasure that we bring you the happy news of Marvel Comics Director of Communications Arune Singh's engagement to his longtime girlfriend Michelle. But almost more awesome than that is the manner by which Arune proposed: the presentation of original artwork by Francis Manapul, depicting Arune as Superboy on bended knee, proposing to Michelle as Wonder Girl. Overcome by the impossibly romantic gesture, Michelle naturally accepted.Friends of Arune Singh are familiar with his devotion to the Superman mythos. I was fortunate enough to be there in Los Angeles when Arune received his first tattoo, a recreation of the Man of Steel's famous S-shield, which I can assure you the man wears with the most sincere level of respect and responsibility. Truly, if you are looking for someone who takes the lessons of Superman to heart, you needn't look further than Arune Singh.

"I went to Francis Manapul because we both loved his work on Adventure Comics with Geoff Johns," Singh told ComicsAlliance. "Issue #2 is one of my favorite comics ever and makes me think of Michelle. Short of getting Krypto to help me propose, I couldn't imagine a better way than with the help of Francis."

Manapul, who like Singh is Canadian -- a fact that makes Arune swell with pride -- was only too happy to help the Marvel staffer out, as he explained on his DeviantArt profile (where you can see a high-res version of the piece). "It's really a sweet story. He put a picture book together of them and this was revealed on the last page of the book as he got down on one knee to propose. I was honored to have been part of this momentous occasion and wish to congratulate Arune and Michelle!"

Arune Singh with ComicsAlliance Editor-in-Chief Laura Hudson (left) and his fiancée Michelle, who wore the same t-shirt to this convention - how embarrassing.

Before we could ask, Arune did confirm for ComicsAlliance that he did indeed wear the Superboy t-shirt when he popped the question.

Our greatest congratulations to Arune and Michelle! May Earth's yellow sun shine down favorably upon your marriage.

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