Like David Finch and Sam Kieth, illustrator Francisco Perez understands how effective the contrast can be between hulking, fleshy characters bulging with muscles and meek, smoothly colored figures who look far less menacing. His appreciation for that dynamic between Link and Ganon offers a brilliant example of these skills, but he handles piles of other heroes and villains from Batman and Tetsuo from Akira to the Thundercats.

Perez has scads of other sketches and scenes posted to his Pac23 website and deviantART account. Among them is a killer Wolverine vs. Iron Man face-off that could easily be the cover to an unpublished Matt Fraction miniseries.

The coloring in most of his work is just as commendable as the drawing, too, particularly in the little bedroom setting he's imagined with Elliott from "Pete's Dragon" and a smattering of trinkets and stickers that most anyone born in or before the '80s should recognize. Check it out along with a few other pieces that tickled our eyeballs below.

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