While most fans acknowledge that there's at least a little discrepancy between the Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez's "Sin City" and Miller's solo "The Spirit" films, few can argue that Miller lacks skill in crafting striking cinematic visuals. In keeping with his penchant for green screen noir, a new trailer for Miller's upcoming Gucci television ad packs a visual punch with Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans mugging it up in a seemingly sexy thriller chock full of flaming car action.

Watch the commercial trailer after the jump.

Set to premiere during September 12's MTV Video Music Awards, Miller's "Gucci Guilty" ad will officially go like this:

A white sports car screeches across a dystopian cityscape - a beautiful blonde at the wheel. Her blazing tires screech to a halt, and she steps out to survey her hunting ground. Savoring the night air she remembers: a night, a man, her choice... a perfume.

As high-end fragrances go, Gucci Guilty could do a lot worse than tapping the Human Torch/Lucas Lee/Captain America to spend some quality time with ERW. If you're inclined to catch the commerfilm early, Facebook even has an app allowing its users to register to do just that. I mean, I won't judge you. The stuff might turn out to smell like comics? Has the smell of success been bottled yet? Whatever -- flaming car!

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