Frank Quitely is something of a living legend within the comic book industry, and one known for being very selective in the work he takes on, making any project he's attached to something to keep an eye on. Recently, Quitely has been working on an animated short called Nothing To Declare which he's written and provided character designs for, but with the film close to completion it needs one final push of funding and the producers have turned to crowdfunding to help finish the short.

Nothing To Declare is described as a horror film where the end of the world is waiting next door, and along with Quitely aboard it also boasts a BAFTA nominated director in Will Adams, Oscar winning technical director Tom Bryant alongside master of environmental design Fraser MacLean and producer Mal Young. The short is also scored by John Cummings, formerly of alt-rock band Mogwai, who co-write the music for French drama Les Revenants.

The team was assembled and funding was supplied thanks to the Scottish Film Talent Network, but now with the project almost complete the team needs to hire two lighting and composition artists to make it look as best as it can look. Crowdfunded money will also go to securing additional software licenses to make their work easier, as well as the various reward tiers available to supporters.

The featured reward of the project is the option to access your very own high-resolution digital stream of the film, but other rewards range from a thanks in the credits to various tiers of behind the scenes access from script notes to Quitely's character designs. The fundraising period lasts until the end of November, and more information can be found at the Nothing To Declare Indiegogo page.

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