Following in the footsteps of its Iron Man: Fast Friends, Hulk: The Fury Files and Iron Man 2: Public Identity series from years past, USA Today has revealed that Marvel will unveil a Captain America: The First Avenger digital prequel series in accordance with the film's trailer this Superbowl Sunday. Entitled, Captain America: First Vengeance, the eight-part series written by Fred Van Lente and rotating artists will kick off with a free digital issue at the official movie site on Sunday before the content goes live on the Marvel Comics Apple device app on February 8.
Each of the series' eight issues will reportedly spotlight a different member of Cap's cast of characters, bringing readers up to speed on each of their respective backgrounds prior to the events of the film. The First issue will focus on Steve Rogers and give a look into his less-than-super past as a 98-pound weakling turned Sentinel of Liberty.

Captain America: The First Avenger arrives in theaters on July 22.

[Via USA Today]