Looking for a good read on the cheap to kick off your weekend? Then direct your eyes to Comixology, where the digital platform is celebrating the impending milestone of one hundred million comics downloaded through their service (and bumping up that number just a little bit in the process) by offering up Chris Roberson and Dennis Culver's Edison Rex #1 for free today!If you missed it the first time around when it was a launch title for MonkeyBrain Comics, the new digital initiative that Roberson and Allison Baker kicked off back in January, it's well worth your time to snag it today. In a story that may seem a little familiar to long-time comic book readers, Edison Rex focuses on what happens when the world's greatest supervillain suddenly finds himself having to prove that he wasn't kidding when he said he could save mankind without his meddling do-gooder arch-enemy in the way.

The do-gooder in question is a hero called Valiant, and in the thirteen-page first issue (which originally sold for 99 cents), Roberson and Culver show the final battle between Rex and the hero he's spent a lifetime trying to destroy. Or at least, it's the final battle as far as we know. Things are still unfolding, and even though this issue involves a lot of setup to get things into place so the creators can play with them down the line, it's a great introduction to what Roberson's been doing for.

If you want to check it out -- or if you want to share it with a friend or two -- it's well worth your time to do so. You can grab it on Comixology today for free, and while this offer's only good for one day ‎it looks like the buildup to 100,000,000 downloads will likely involve an awful lot of similar deals.

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