After two days of teases, DC's The Source has finally rolled out the full images of its alternate dimension comic book covers that appeared on Thursday night's season finale of "Fringe" on FOX.

The wall-mounted covers were fairly visible to fan eyes, although these up close and personal images shed a lot more light on DC's output on the other side. Apparently in the more advanced world, Superman kicked the bucket in "Crisis," Batman met his doom in the mid '90s, Superman returned grim and gritty in the '80s, Jonah Hex stood in for Guy Gardner in a relaunched Justice League and Hal and Ollie have historically been full of rage. Crazy!

Coordinated by DC art directors Larry Berry and Ed Roeder, Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert handled the "Red Lantern/Red Arrow" cover while Carlos D'Anda, JJ Kirby, Michael Lopez, and Oliver Nome lent their talents to the other four iconic cover homages.

Give the covers a closer look after the jump, complete with a side-by-side comparison to their respective source inspirations.

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