Comic-based plushies sporting a strong sense of style typically emerge from less-than-licensed sources like Etsy, but Funko's latest crop of soft Marvel superheroes just so happen to bear at least a passing resemblance to the art of a cartooning legend. It's doubtful Funko intended to bite the style of Marvel's Strange Tales II contributor Ivan Brunetti, but by golly, these plushies seem as if they could have sprung to life directly from his drafting table.Sites like the Big Bad Toy Store have each plush listed for $9.99, with an expected release date in April. If you can't/won't wait that long, just hug a copy of Strange Tales II #3 with all of your might and let your imagination run wild. Just don't blame us when the people in the white jackets come to take you away. Or do. We'll deny it, though, and probably call you a liar. A plush-loving liar!

See the full-size plush images below: