Funko is pretty much the ruler of the vinyl collectible game at this point, with lines such as Mystery Minis, Dorbz, and of course the ever-present and rapidly expanding line of Funko Pops that everyone has at least two of. The blind bag formula of the Mystery Minis seems to be working a treat as Funko is going even smaller with the announcement of a new line of 1.5" collectibles dubbed Pint Sized Heroes.

The new line takes what everyone loves about Pops and Dorbz and combines them, while featuring the blind bag aspect of Mystery Minis to create something totally new and even cuter.

Pint Sized Heroes launches in September with a Batman-themed collection that features various different costumes and incarnations of the Caped Crusader, including Batman Beyond, '50s Batman, and Flashpoint Batman. The line also includes several looks for Harley Quinn and Batgirl --- yes, including the Burnside look --- and classic villains such as The Riddler, Two-Face and Penguin.

In October Funko launches its Spider-Man set, which includes Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man 2099, Miles Morales, and regular Peter Parker if that's what you're into. There will also be GameStop and Toys R Us exclusives such as glowing Green Goblin, Red & Black Spider-Man, and Lizard.

Also in October comes an awesome-looking Steven Universe collection that features all your favorite Crystal Gems and cool one-off characters such as Watermelon Steven and Holo-Pearl. It's cool to see that it also features a Stevonnie figure, and personal favorite Onion, who I'll be rooting through collections to find once they launch later this year.


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