We're 121 days away from Captain America: Civil War hitting theaters, and that seems like the perfect time for Funko to reveal its first line of figures from the upcoming film. Already we've seen Hot Toys and Lego hint at respective plans for toys based on the third Captain America film, and with Funko now diving in, that leaves just a few stragglers (including Hasbro) to show us what to expect on the toy front from the Marvel film that will divide it's two biggest stars.

Typically, Funko just reveals its own proprietary mass market figures in the Pop line, but this time the vinyl-maker has also given a glimpse into the variants we'll be able to find, and which retailers will be home to those alternate looks. Curiously enough, the biggest characters in the film wound up with the fewest versions. At least all three of the major female leads are all present and accounted for this time.

All of the figures are getting new sculpts, which is great, but generally there isn't a terrible amount of difference between the major players besides new paint jobs. War Machine gets his first figure since Iron Man 3, along with a new sculpt and that weird shock baton (Star Wars much, Marvel?). Black Widow returns to a grey uniform, and gets a slightly dulled red hair paint job, too. Scarlet Witch and Agent 13 being included at the start bodes well for anyone looking to dial back the testosterone from Funko's previous Marvel Cinematic Universe sets. I hate that Falcon is a store exclusive, but I also know Hot Topic never runs out of those figures so it should be too hard to track down. Still, I might have to step into a Hot Topic.

The biggest draws however are the various Black Panther figures making their debut. There will be a standard, masked version, as well as an exclusive, unmasked variant available starting in a February. I really dig the masked version, as I like what the MCU design team is doing with the costume in the "real world." The white/silver piping (probably vibranium?) looks sharp contrasting with the stark black, but the small design details throughout the rest of the uniform really make it a solid effort. It's much more photogenic than the traditional comic costume.

In that regard however, the Dorbz version of Black Panther is so busy, it's hard to even figure out what you're looking at. Do I think it's great Black Panther is going to be in the movies and getting more toys? You bet. Do I think the Dorbz figure looks like the designer watched a bit too much Tron and called it a day? Yessir. Vision's back in Dorbz form, and so is that hideous magenta and grey palette. Guys, come on. It didn't look good when it was a Pop figure, why would it look good here?

Now this next figure could be considered a bit of a spoiler, so avert those eyes if you don't want to have a bit of Civil War potentially revealed.


So Funko's gone all in on the Crossbones train, giving him not one, not two, not three, but four different figures across the Pop and Dorbz line. I know he hasn't been portrayed in the films as a white supremacist jerk, but uh, why Funko, why? Not only will he get a standard version, which would likely have sated the seven Crossbones fans out there, but he's also getting a battle damaged and unmasked Pop, as well as a regular Dorbz. I know a lot of the other Marvel characters in Civil War have gotten multiple figures in the past, but going all in on the Crossbones train sure seems like a strange decision, regardless of his MCU political leanings. The guy just isn't that big of a deal. If anything, I'm pegging him for the Von Strucker role in Civil War, and he won't be seen after the first act. That's a lot of peg presence for a glorified cameo role.


Spoilers over.

Now, the Pops are expected to start hitting in February ahead of the film's release, but it's likely more will be announced after Civil War's been in theaters. A few may have been spoiled already by other toy sets, but Funko's keeping a tight grip on potential spoiler reveals. It's odd to see that so many figures are coming out months ahead of Civil War making it to theaters, but at least you'll have time to track down your favorite heroes before the movie arrives.


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